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City: Longmont, CO






Directions to LBL Fields



Affolter Park -- (Southwest Longmont):


Located to the east of Sunset Middle School. Take S. Sherman St. south from Ken Pratt Blvd (Hwy-119), to Holly St. turn right then right on S. Judson St.


Carr Park -- (North Central Longmont) :


Located southwest of the 21 st street & Gay street intersection.


Columbine Elementary -- (Central Longmont):


Take Longspeak Ave. east from Main St., and go south on Atwood St. one block. The school and field are to the east of Atwood St.


Clarke-Centennial Fields – (East Longmont) :


Located between Mountain View Ave. and 9 th Street, on Alpine Street. The main complex has 3 fields, Kimball is the northeast, Draper is southeast, and Montgomery is southwest. Rodriquez field is the 4 th field located to the far southeast by itself.


Lanyon Park -- (Northeast Longmont):


Take 19 th Ave. east from Main St., to Collyer St., The 9-10 South field is located next to 19 th street, and the 7-8 North & West fields are accessible from Collyer street.  


LongsPeak Middle School -- (North Central Longmont) :


Located just east of the Francis St. and 14 th Ave. intersection. The field is north of the 14 th Ave and Sumner St. intersection.  

LYONs Bohn Field -- (Southeast Lyons):


Take Hwy 66 to Lyons, until you reach Park St. (next to Valley Bank). Turn left on Park St., and another left immediately at 2 nd Ave. The field is to the west of 2 nd Ave., before you cross the creek.


LYONs Meadows Fields -- (South central Lyons):


Take Hwy 66 to Lyons, until you reach 5 th Ave. (Hwy 7), and turn left. Take 5 th Ave. south, and the fields are within 2 blocks to the west of 5 th Ave.


Kanemoto Park -- (South Central Longmont):


Located to the south of Burlington Elementary. Take S. Pratt Parkway south from Ken Pratt Blvd (Hwy-119) approx. 1 mile.


NIWOT Monarch Field -- (Southwest Niwot):


Take Hwy 119 west towards Boulder. Go west until you reach Hwy-52 Just before reaching the IBM facility. Turn left on Hwy-52 for approx. ½ mile until you see the Monarch Industrial Park entrance. turn left into the Monarch park entrance, and follow the street to the north you see the fields. (We use the Northeast field)


NIWOT Hagen, Nimbus & Columbine Fields -- (Northwest of Niwot):


Take Hwy 119 southwest towards Boulder.  Go until you reach Niwot Rd. (at stop light), and go west 1/4 mile on Niwot Road to N73rd St.  Take N73rd St. North 1/4 of a mile until you reach Nimbus Road.  Go west approx 1/2 mile on Nimbus Road, the entrance is just after the Lefthand Water District entrance, turn left at the Biff Warren Baseball Complex, before you reach the bridge.


Northridge Elementary -- (North Central Longmont):


Located southeast of the 21 st Ave. & Gay street intersection. Take Gay St. south of 21 st Ave. one block, and the fields are to the east.  


Pratt Park -- (Northwest Longmont):


From Airport Rd. and 17th. Go East on 17th one block to Northwestern Rd. Turn south on Northwestern Rd for two blocks. After Northwestern Rd turns to the east, the field is on the south side.


Rothrock Dell Park -- (Southeast Longmont):


Take Lashley St. north from Hwy-119 (3 rd Ave.) to E. 5 th Ave. Go East on E. 5 th Ave for 5 blocks, and the field is on the north side.


Sandstone Ranch Complex – (1 mile east of Longmont, on Hwy 119):


From Longmont, go east on 3 rd Ave. (Hwy 119) approx. ½ mile past County Rd #1. From I-25, go west on Hwy 119 approx. 4 ½ miles. Complex is on south side of Hwy 119.


Westview Middle School -- (Northwest Longmont):


Located southwest of the 17 th Street & Airport Rd. intersection.



All Fields have DAY & TIME availability that the League has contracted for use. Please contact the field scheduler to see if the day and time you desire for use is available & within contracted time for the league.

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